IAT 359: Mobile Computing

Styleo Wireframing and Development


During my Spring 2023 semester at Simon Fraser University, I collaborated with one other Interactive Arts and Technology student on a collaborative, final project focused on the ideation, wireframing, and development of our own app concept.

The final product of the project was a mobile, Android-based application intended for users interested in managing their individual wardrobes. The app was written and completed in comprehensive Java code, to craft a fully working mobile application.


Java Developer



UI Design


Group member

Rowina Chan


Crafting a fully functioning, usable Android mobile application that could alleviate the stress of selecting an outfit, in addition to managing one's wardrobe to discourage unnecessary future purchases that are ultimately wasteful.

Completed April 2023

Duration - 2 Months


Mapping the flow of the application was the first step towards establishing the concept of our application, and ultimately how it would synthesize within the development stage.

Styleo Wireflow
The wireflow that established all planned features within our application.

The Process

The initial stages of crafting Styleo involved establishing the user interface of the app through the collaborative completion of static wireframes. A clean, simple colour scheme was foundational to the app's aesthetic appeal.

Styleo Wireframes
The most essential wireframes for the Android-based Styleo mobile application we had ideated.

Final Product

The final working product for the Android-based mobile application Styleo, presented through the Java-based IDE Android Studio.


Working collaboratively on the ideation, design, and development of a product such as a mobile application established an iterative method of design thinking and production in my future endeavours. My knowledge in Java language and its implementation in the Android Studio IDE was massively improved upon as a result of this collaborative project.

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